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The Calm Patch

We believe in a stress free world. Where people are calm and can breathe more easily. Where burdensome emotions are released. Where people are more relaxed and at ease. This beautiful world we envision is now possible thanks to the Calm Patch.

Why Use a Calm Patch

To Relieve Stress

Modern life is full of hassles, deadlines, frustrations, and demands. For many people, stress is so commonplace that it has become a way of life. Getting back to a normal balance is what the calm patch is all about.

A Soothing Energy

The calm patch is a water gel based patch. When placed on your skin the gel releases a relaxing energy over an 8 hour period. Within an hour it reaches it’s full potential, allowing you to feel calm without the use of drugs, chemicals or any negative side effects.

For a Calmer You

The calm patch lifts your moods, helps you feel more focused and engaged as well as making you calm. When used regularly, the calming effect starts to become your normal state. Wear a calm patch today and feel the calm.

Easy To Use

Just peel, apply like a band-aid, and have a great day! It's that easy.

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How it works

By harmonizing sound and brainwaves, the water in the gel is energized to assist in achieving a calmer inner feeling in a natural way.

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"I wore the patch today... put one above my wrist... Took a while, maybe an hour, but I was able to calm down. Not sure it's the patch, placebo, just self soothing, but my mother is here until Wednesday, 6 more days and I only have ONE more!!!!"

– A W, Connecticut

"With anything you have to see it to believe. The same can be said about the calm patch. You have to feel it to believe it and I have...many times. The most striking was one day on vacation I was a mess. I felt extremely depressed and as much as my husband tried to console me, my head was racing with fear and sadness. We had plans to go to dinner with another family. I sent the kids ahead and as I continued to talk things out with my husband, it dawned on me that I had a calm patch. I put it on and maybe 25 minutes later as I was walking to the restaurant, I looked at him and said, "OMG, it just lifted! My depression just lifted!!!!" If I ever needed proof. I had it. Amazingly we stayed out that night till 1am enjoying close conversations with our friends. In that moment of the depression lifting, it hit me the enormous potential of the calm patch. Can you imagine if everyone could similarly lift that weight off their chest that we all seem to carry with out drugs or any negative side effects?!!!"

– M L, New York

"I have found the Calm Patch to be a great way to ensure a good night's sleep."

– Diana, Hong Kong

"I think it's working. Considering I am at a funeral that's incredibly sad but I think this patch has made me very calm. Will continue... These patches are working. Woke up with anxiety & feel better. Please, how can I get more?"

– S M, New York

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