The Calm Patch

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We believe in a stress free world. Where people are calm and can breathe more easily. Where burdensome emotions are released. Where people are more relaxed and at ease. This beautiful world we envision is now possible thanks to the Calm Patch.

The Calm Patch is a new revolutionary product. It is a water based gel blister patch that when worn like a band aid, provides 8 hours of calm energy. 

Don't just take our word for it. Here's what others have to say.

"Serenity Now. I can't get over how well they seem to work. What's the secret? I can't wait to get more! A little meditation and a patch and I can't wait to start the day."
L S, New York


I wore the patch today...put one above my wrist... Took a while, maybe an hour, but I was able to calm down. Not sure it's the patch, placebo, just self soothing, but my mother is here until Wednesday  (6) more days and I only have ONE more!!!!"
A W, Connecticut

"I think it's working. Considering I am at a funeral that's incredibly sad but I think this patch has made me very calm. Will continue... These patches r working. Woke up w/ anxiety & feel better. Pls how can I get more?"
S M, New York