The Calm Patch

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How to Use

Peel back the two white wings.
Place the patch on your skin so the Calm Patch logo is facing you.
Then peel back the shiny white tip at one end of the patch.
Peel back the surface, removing the Calm Patch logo, leaving you with the clear Calm Patch securely on your skin. 

The calming gel in the centre of the patch starts to work and reaches its full potential after about an hour. This varies from person to person. We suggest that you wear two Calm Patches when you try it for the first time.

Wear it on your skin, in the crook of the elbow, at the back of the knee, on the inside of the wrist or on the sole of your feet or anywhere on the body that is hair free. After the 8 hours, you can apply another patch straight after if you wish or if very stressed wear several at a time.